Birds of Passage (2019)

By The Miniplex (other events)

7 Dates Through Apr 26, 2019

Shortlisted for a 2019 Best Foreign Film Oscar (the New Yorker called it "by far the best of the lot"), this visually dazzling Colombian epic MUST be seen on the big screen! Directors Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego are also the team behind Oscar nominee (and one of our personal favorites that we've shown here) 'EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT.' Their new film is centered on the Wayúu indigenous people during a crucial period in recent Colombian history, the birth of the drug trade in the 1970s. Torn between his desire to become a powerful man and his duty to uphold his culture’s values, Rapayet meets young American Peace Corps volunteers who are trying in vain to buy marijuana, and he enters the trafficking business, despite the tribe matriarch’s disapproval. Ignoring ancient omens, Rapayet and his family get caught up in a conflict where debts are paid with blood. A sprawling epic about the erosion of tradition in pursuit of material wealth, this is a visually striking exploration of loyalty, greed, and the voracious nature of change.

"Your perception of the world is likely to be permanently altered. The experience made me think of some of my favorite movies, but it’s also like nothing I’ve ever seen before." - New York Times

"Imagine 'The Godfather' made by dazzling Latin American directors who combine bravura filmmaking with political awareness and a probing social conscience. A rare example of provocative cinema on an epic scale, combining genre elements with classic tragedy and cultural fidelity." - Los Angeles Times

"Few films have captured quite so powerfully the tension between the old and new worlds — a feat 'Birds of Passage' accomplishes while simultaneously allowing audiences to channel the Wayuu’s surrealistic view of their surroundings, where spirits walk the earth, and wise women interpret their dreams." - Variety

"Part anthropological study, part rise-and-fall epic and all-out mesmerizing... the sort of second-hand trip too close to the sun that reminds you why history repeats itself the minute human nature enters the picture." - Rolling Stone

"The cultural richness of 'Birds of Passage' is overwhelming, its sense of detail piercingly perceptive, and its sense of drama rigorously yet organically integrated with its documentary elements... " - New Yorker


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