Crack Cloud (Canada)+ CV

By The Miniplex (other events)

Wednesday, November 6 2019 9:00 PM 11:59 PM PDT

"Quirky, pungent songs filled with adventurous spirit and dipped in a healthy dose of post-punk in the vein of early Talking Heads and Gang of Four, together with a groove that rivals Fela Kuti. Crack Cloud are not mindlessly nostalgic of what has come before, though: they don’t hark back to the past, but build on musical elements of previous decades to construct something radically new, with a gaze still set firmly on the future." -Le Guess Who

Crack Cloud is a Canadian mixed-media collective based out of Vancouver, B.C. Modelled around harm reduction philosophy, the band operates as a rehabilitative outlet for a revolving cast of multi-disciplinary artists across Canada, made up of recovering addicts and people who work with mental health patients and people with addiction. 

"Like a lost gem from post-punk's most arty moments: urgent, strange, and groovy." -FADER

"Crack Cloud live are everything you want from a band. Spiky, intense, self-aware and political they play with a brutal honesty, exposing personal motivations, doubts and moments of jadedness." -Narc Magazine

"Cheeky and catchy as fuck." -Cvlt Nation

With support from local sci-fi themed post-punk supergroup CV (members of White Manna, The Hard Ride, Nipplepotamus and Blood Gnome)