Debt Rag (olympia, post present medium) + TBA

By The Miniplex (other events)

Sunday, June 4 2023 7:00 PM 9:00 PM PDT

Debt Rag, adult punk from Olympia, Wa~
“no!” to settling on previous, riding laurels, what not. but the punk bonafides ARE in order: {members of Grass Widow, Preening, gSp}

and SO-
Max Nordile (ex-Wet Drag), Lillian Maring (ex-Wet Drag), Marissa Magic (ex-Wet Drag)

collaboration so easily fruitful and satisfying it had to be reanimated with geographic convenience in mind. revisioning composition, against nostalgia. successful? who knows, but it does bring joy! quality remains incidental, imaginary, rear viewed. themes - bodies, geological scale, infinite hills themes - anti-work, work, ecosystems “it looks good off paper” surfing disillusionment, meditations on the day-to-day. minimalist accretion - pointillist, not angular. an organic reduction of layers. and the pleasure of beaking the rind. parameter revamp!

try the unfamiliar new thing! see the breaking glass in the underpass, etc. to honor accident: no toad left unstirred, no knowledge necessary, a whole novel everything. cooperatively generative, minus guitar. horns horning toodle doots, keyboard twinkles and splats/ bass calm thuds and dead ring/ collision sounds squeezed from a floor tom and cymbal and cowbell, unison drone, getting sloopy, keys still in the door. overall a thing to listen to and ponder.