Extra Ordinary (2020)

By The Miniplex (other events)

11 Dates Through Mar 29, 2020

"A standout Irish film; it's hard to resist falling under its quirky spell." -Sunday Times.  In a picturesque town somewhere in Ireland, driving instructor Rose is gifted with supernatural abilities, "The Talents." She tries to ignore the constant small-time spiritual requests from locals -- haunted rubbish bins, tractors, children's bikes, frying pans, etc. Then Christian Winter, a washed up American rockstar who owns a castle outside town (Will Forte of SNL), hatches a sinister plan to sell his soul for renewed success. He needs to sacrifice a virgin and puts a spell on local teen Sarah, whose father Martin asks Rose to help him save his daughter. Rose and Martin must now work together to save the girl, stop a hell hole opening, deliver a baby, save a dying magpie, and get rid of the ghost of Martin's nagging ex-wife so maybe they can fall in love a bit before the whole world collapses before their very eyes...

"Outstandingly funny and good-natured... And unlike some British indies, it never sacrifices comedy to the easier mannerism of being 'dark;' it just keeps being funny while at the same time weirdly touching." -The Guardian

"Thanks to its nonstop jokes, strong, likable characters, and marvelous cast, the movie is hysterical." -Film Threat

"A well-tuned vehicle for the comic charms of Irish stand-up Maeve Higgins." -Hollywood Reporter

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