Healing Gems (Los Angeles, Latinx Lounge/Exotica)

By The Miniplex (other events)

Wednesday, October 17 2018 8:00 PM 11:59 PM

HEALING GEMS are a six-piece Latin/lounge/exotica outfit from Los Angeles with sounds that range from cha-cha, to surf, space age, and beyond. We're excited to have them bring the dance party to The Miniplex for the first time!

"Healing Gems have created a whole little world of their own—a high-contrast technicolor paradise inspired by a lot of exotica, a little tropicalia and plenty of mid-century-modern cartoon charm, too. Why stay grounded in strawberry fields when you can take off with Healing Gems in search of pineapple clouds?" - L.A. Record

"Healing Gems record and practice in the basement of a 1970s house in Covina, where the group’s drummer lives with his family. It’s also where they have tiki-themed parties in the backyard, which has a kidney-shaped pool and white iron patio furniture. The music reflects how that space looks: Self-described as 'trash lounge lava pop,' Healing Gems is like listening to jazz and bossa nova during cocktail hour at a ’60s tiki bar." - Bandcamp Daily

"Healing Gems are a psychedelic band, but not in the yoga posing, incense burning, sanctimonious kind of way. They’re a drink of LSD-tainted punch at a small town dance. A pot brownie picnic at a community park. Scratchy bargain basement records that still surge fire. The type of band one might listen to while traversing a hot desert landscape with rainbow-laden sun showers pouring down upon your skin. No drugs required." - Shout Note

Local support from Arcata's Blood Hunny and DJ Pandemonium Jones

Wednesday, 10/17. Doors at 8PM. $7 cover. 21+ w/ ID.