Purest Feeling (brooklyn, ex-rose windows) + Silver & Nails + TBA

By The Miniplex (other events)

Friday, February 17 2023 9:00 PM 11:59 PM PDT

February is the dregs of Winter in New York.  In the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn in one of a thousand tiny lit up windows, it’s Summer.  As the tail end of Placebo’s “Protège Moi” reaches its fever pitch, a rousing mixture of laughs, and looks, dances, and smiles rises up like embers and smoke.  Pieces of melody and rhythm start to play in moments and vanish.  Days pass.  Weeks pass.  “Can you feel me out there” echoes in the wind as Spring struggles to be born.  This is all still the beginning of what has become Purest Feeling.  A trio at the service of movement.  Magic.  Advised by early post-punk and experimentation of the era,  Purest Feeling is a trio that endeavors to answer the question that inspired the music.  “Can you feel me out there?”

Doors 9pm. 21+