Sgt. Papers {Pych-Punk, Sonora, MX}+ Anchorbaby {Tuscon, AZ} + FKA Nightstand

By The Miniplex (other events)

Wednesday, November 16 2022 8:00 PM 11:00 PM PDT

Sgt. Papers - “Sgt. Papers embodies the true spirit of rock and roll. They have great riffs, they put on a spectacular concert and they use every opportunity to challenge themselves and get to the next level,” says record label owner Mike Cloward. Carla Sariñana (label manager) adds “Sgt. Papers is one of the bands that represents the incredible new rock scene that exists in our country, it is a band that can hardly go unnoticed. Their music is energetic, fun and demonstrates the strength of rock made in Mexico. “

Anchorbaby - Tucson produces rather more than its share of world-class caliber rock and roll records from year to year, but inevitably there are a couple of releases that stand out from the crowd and win over even the most jaded local music fans. Records that are just a little bit different, a little bit better, a cut above the "competition" though their aim is never really to compete.

This year, that album is "Groovysmo," the debut solo release by Resonars and Lenguas Largas alum Ricky Shimo. When someone tells you about this album, they never really just tell you. They hand over a copy or send you a link, or just play the thing right then and there until you agree that it's pretty brilliant.

Music starts at 8pm, with a special dico-cumbia set from local FKA Nightstand! Doors at 6pm. 21+