Tokyo Godfathers (2003 anime)

By The Miniplex (other events)

Saturday, December 24 2016 6:00 PM 7:45 PM PDT

This new holiday classic from Satoshi Kon, celebrated director of PAPRIKA and MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, is set on Christmas Eve in Tokyo, where three homeless friends (aging trans woman Hana, alcoholic Gin, and teen runaway Miyuki) find an abandoned baby and set off on a quest to find its parents but find much more... Rated PG-13, 92 mins.

"The kind of old-fashioned, all-ages entertainment Hollywood used to churn out in live-action form before the era of niche marketing, when a good story sold a film." - Austin Chronicle

"Loosely based on 3 GODFATHERS, John Ford's maudlin 1948 western, this movie, a sweet fable of decency amid the down and out, also has echoes of Chaplin and Capra." - New York Times

"Proves that a cartoon can truly have as much -- perhaps even more -- depth and soul as any live-action film." - Film Journal International

"A convincing salute to family but, more distinctively, it's also a salute to the real-life difficulty of keeping one together." - Boston Herald

"Artfully appreciates the beauty and humanity in junked lives and landscapes." - Entertainment Weekly

"Laced with screwball comedy and high-speed action, the film encompasses more complex themes than the usual sugar-coated 'spirit of Christmas.'" - PopMatters

"Pure Dickens by way of pure Capra." - L.A. Weekly

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